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A Glimpse into Tabla Class

Many have wondered what tabla “class” is like for me and how Guruji teachs.  Well, here is a little video that gives you a glimpse into a teaching session.  I’m lucky because I get to sit in on these sessions a lot and as you’ll see they are a lot of fun to be apart.   Guruji is teaching some gurubhais different compositions from two gharanas that he has been formally trained in, namely Ajrada and Delhi.  For those new to tabla, you’ll hear the  language of tabla (the fact that each stroke has its own name, along with its grammar, etc).


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I bow down to my teachers

On the auspicious day of Guru Purnima.

To the universe – the Param Guru that has been guiding my footsteps as I walk along the path of life. Thank you for all the hints, for being so persistent even when I was stubborn and giving me signs time and time again, for being so patient, for taking care of me and watching over me and for leading me to my Guru in human form. Grant me the ability to always have the awareness and humility to listen and the courage to follow the markers on the road and fulfil my purpose.

To Guruji – Thank you for your patience, for your faith in me, your love, guidance and support. There really aren’t enough words. I pray that I become a more worthy student of yours with every passing day.

Everyone who my life’s thread has been connected you. Each person, each experience has led to where I am and will continue to help shape the person I become. Reflection allows you to see where the road curved and how one experience prepared you for something else down the road. With deep gratitude, I thank you for being in my life, for your support, your love, your encouragement and the challenges that we have faced together. Thank you for teaching me.

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Aum – The Primordial Sound

Yesterday, the topic of Guruji’s spiritual lecture was the primordial sound Aum. I have heard that description of Aum before – the primordial sound, but the first time I really understood this name was when I heard Guruji speak on Aum. I think of the great things about hearing Guruji speak is that because he has such a breadth of knowledge, he easily shows how one topic is inter-related with others. Aum was related to topics such as creation, absolute reality (Brahma), music, naad (sound), chakras, the different states of the soul and how the mind works.

I have heard he speak on this topic before, but each time, something new is revealed and previous information is digested more thoroughly, so his talks are never a bore.

A fellow disciple of Guruji really described him very aptly in saying that Guruji is a walking encyclopedia. I am reminded of my good fortune to be his student all the time and that feeling is always more prevalent when hearing him share his gyan (knowledge).

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Understanding the Universe

Guruji said a beautiful thing yesterday:

To understand the universe, you can study all the shastras or you can understand one thing – taal.

That’s the journey I am on. To understand taal or rhythm.

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Excited =)

After many requests it is finally happening. Guruji is going to have weekly philosophy/ spirituality lectures for small groups of people. I take philosophy classes with him, so this will be an add-on to that. He gives lectures on different topics such as death, tantra, basics of buddhism, different philosophical schools of thought, etc in many countries around world, but not many know of this side of him in Ahmedabad. Its great opportunity for those interested in topics like this and wonderful way to bring that energy together and of course learn lots of new stuff.

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