Jo Bhaje Hari Ko Sada (Power of Sadhna)

Today an era of Indian classical music came to a close with the demise of the legendary and unequaled Pt. Bhimsen Joshi.   I have heard beautiful stories of a humble man who was passionate and completely lost in his music.  He was a true sadhak, true shishya and inspiration to countless around the world.

Guruji wrote a beautiful piece on sadhna and if someone exemplified a sadhak, it would be Pt. Bhimsen Joshi.

One of the Bhimsenji’s most loved songs was the bhajan Jo Bhaje Hari Ko Sada and what an appropriate song it is.  Guruji explained the meaning of this poem in in one of his writings, which I have copied here.  A rendition by Bhimsenji is found at the end.  It is a recorded version which cannot be compared to the live recordings of the same by him, but nonetheless gives you an idea of his mastery.

Here is a wonderful poem by Brahmanand that summarizes what a classical musician must do if they truly want to realize God through their music. Note that this can be applied to any field or work, if one desires to reach that level of mastery in it. This poem has been sung beautifully by Bhimsenji, who is a great model of a true sadhak.

Jo bhaje hari so sada
Wohi param pad payega
Chhod duniya ke majhe sub
Bhaith kar ekant mein
Dhyandhar guru ke charanaka
To prabhu mil jayega

Literal translation:

The one who remembers/praises God always
Will attain the Ultimate goal
Leave the pleasures of the world
Sit alone (in meditation)
Meditate upon the feet of your guru
And you will realize God

The actual meaning of the poem is:

The one who always and fully engages in ones work (this can be any work)
Attains the highest aim
Leave behind worldly pleasures
Sits alone with full concentration
Aspire to follow the path your guru(‘s feet) have walked (upon)
And you will realize God



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