On Tour

The first week of the Tabla Ecstasy US tour is now over and what a week its been. The guys (Tabla Ecstasy) have played 5 shows in 6 days and we’ve traveled from Jersey down to Georgia. Each show has been a different audience, but the response has been the same – immense appreciation. Its great to be on tour with this group and be able to hear them night after night and share that experience with so many people.

One of my personal highlights of this week has been watching as the members re-connect with family and friends here in the US (many of them are meeting after years). It’s heartwarming to watch the interactions and see the smiles grow wider and wider after each meeting.

Now its time for my homecoming =). We head out to California tomorrow where I get to meet two of my closest friends after many years.

Here are some snaps from the programs so far:

Tabla Player Sahil Patel

Sahil is all Smiles

Tabla Ecstasy in Charlotte

Tabla Ecstasy in Charlotte

Tabla Player Loren Oppenheimer

Loren performs in his hometown of Charlottesville

Loren in his hometown of Charlottesville.

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