Chocolate Orange Mousse Cake (Eggless, Sugar-free)

Everyone here loves Terry’s Chocolate Oranges.   Its the no-brainer gift to bring from North America.  Taking inspiration from the chocolate, I ventured into making my first mousse, eggless of course and made from fresh cream, sans preservatives.  Its tasted great and looked pretty good.  I used a slice of orange, cut into four, a Lindt dark chocolate thin and some orange pulp for decoration.

Eggless Orange Chocolate Mousse Cake

The mousse would have been more fluffy and light, but I made the mousse in the morning, when I didn’t have biscuits for the base and put it into a bowl in the fridge (stupid.. i know).   This of course set the mousse by the time I returned to it 4 hours later, but in the wrong shape.  So I melted it all again using a double boiler.  Then poured it onto the base (made blended parle-g’s and makhan – saltfree butter), let it cool for a bit in the fridge before attempting to re-whip it while it was on the base.  It still tasted fab – just like the chocolate oranges.

Ps. I used the wrong lens on my dslr, but you can still see how pretty it was =)
There are two ways to make this – one with Terry’s Orange Chocolate for the orange flavour, the other with orange rind. I didn’t use sugar, though you can.

Ingredients for Terry’s Orange Chocolate Mousse:

–  150 g Terry’s Orange Chocolate (I forget how many slices this is)
– 3 tbsp heavy cream
– 20g unsalted butter (makhan) – optional
– 200 ml heavy cream

Pour the cream into a bowl and beat till the cream fluffs up and forms soft peaks.  Keep aside.
Put the chocolate pieces, 3 tbsp of cream and butter (optional) in a bowl and melt the chocolate in double boiler. Once the chocolate has melted, whisk (by hand) the mixture so it is blended.
Now add the beaten cream slowly fold in the cream into the chocolate mixture till well blended, trying to keep as much of the fluffiness in it as possible.  Pour onto biscuit crust and chill in fridge for several hours.


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