Being the Bridge

“I have realized that it is not about creating bridges, but being the bridge. Creating bridges is political, being the bridge is pure.”

As I sat across from Sonia, my heart was overflowing. She was back. Calmer, even more grounded and at peace. Sonia had discovered what it was all about for her: reconciliation. She experienced what Verma (her father) had been telling her for so long; reconciliation through art was her. More focused than before, greater clarity and depth. Both of us have traveled on a journey in the three months we spent apart, growing and learning.

“It is not about creating bridges, but being the bridge. Each of us needs to become the bridge.”

Creating bridges is political. It involves working with others to create a structure to cross chasms and oceans. It requires outside materials, inputs. Creating a bridge involves creating a third party that connects the two together.

But what about being?
Being the bridge, that is neither side, yet both. Being the supports, being the trusses and the beams. Making thyself the most perfect instrument through which the Divine can flow. Being the metal and rock through which love and compassion move freely. Being means changing yourself to suit the situation. Moving one support a little to the left when the bank seems to erode. It’s changing oneself and giving of oneself. Our experiences, emotions, knowledge and most importantly, heart are what we can give to the world. Utilizing them to bring people together is being the bridge.

Creating bridges? I think I prefer being the bridge.


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