[08-20] Head and shoulders, knees and toes

Day 7 of relief work, day 2 of flood 3. Watching over food vessels, while teams set out to distribute food, a bunch of kids who we had bathed the day before gathered around to give me a hug or simply say, Hi didi.

As one of the girls wrapped her hand around my finger, I remembered a song from long ago.

Want to play a game? Not surprisingly, I got a resounding yes from the kids.
I’m going to teach you a song. Mathu, khubho, ghutan, pug, ghutan pug. (Head, shoulders, knees, feet, knees, feet). Soon all of them were singing and acting out the song and a crowd of adults was growing around us. Heena khe (Simon says) was a hit too.

Then some parents starting encouraging their kids to show off their talents and after a few got over their shyness we had a mini talent show happening in front of the Sunil’s paan no gullo. They sang and danced, while the audience of adults and kids looked on. When I left, I promised two girls we would dance to Kajra re and the kids would be ready with more talents to display. =)

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