Char Dham Yatra

Lots of posts coming as soon as all of them are completed in terms of typing them up and I get net access on my laptop.

What I did in a nutshell:

June 30- 28 train ride from Ahmedabad to Dehradun
July 2- left Dehradun for Yamnotri, stayed in Barkot for the night
July 3- Walked to and from Jankichatti? to Yamnotri (12 km roundtrip), close to where the Yamuna begins
July 4- Travelled from Barkot to Gangotri
July 5- Roundtrip from Gangotri to Gaumukh (where the Ganga actually emerges from glacial rock)- 36km round trip on pony and foot
July 6- Travelled from Gangotri to Gaurikund, stopped 4hr from Gaurikund
July 7- Got to Gaurikund at noon and took a horse to Kedarnath (on horse) through drizzle/rain- 14km
July 8- Walked back from Kedarnath to Gaurikund and made our way towards Badrinath, stopped in Joshimath for the night
July 9- Day trip to Badrinath, spent the night in Joshimath
July 10- Travelled to Rishikesh, spent the night in Haridwar
July 11- Travelled to Mathura
July 12- Did a milk parikrama around Govardhan Mountain (which is a hill now) – 15km, visited Ramanreeth (where Krishna played), saw Yamunaji’s aarti
July 13- Spent a few hours in Delhi and board a 14 hr train back to Nadiad

I travelled the valleys and mountains, visited the city and valley of the Gods, went to the places frequented by saints, gods and goddesses. imagine the vibrations at these locations.


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